Saturday, July 26, 2014

My "Aviatrix" QAL Adventures!

Since mid-May, I have been participating in a quilt along hosted by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh Fransson.  (It's a work at your own pace kind of thing, so if you like to quilt, please go check out her site and take a look at her gorgeous Aviatrix Medallion quilt.  You can follow along in Instagram as well with #aviatrixmedallion.) 

 I really do seem to end up making a lot of Elizabeth's quilts, but it can't be helped!!  She has some really beautiful designs, and this one just had me at hello.  I had to do it!  

That being said, I think this is the most involved quilt I have ever made.  She had me planning and making a fabric color chart, cutting hundreds of teeny tiny pieces and placing them in bags organized by specific borders, and marking maybe thousands of dots to make sure things line up right.  Whew!  It was tedious, but I am so glad I did it, because I learned a lot and I LOVE the result.  

Here are some of the progress photos:

Cutting and organizing

All cut and ready to go with my color chart as my guide.

Just to give you and idea, I couldn't figure out why this quilt was so heavy when I finished, but then I realized...there are so many seams in it and all that extra fabric really adds up!!

I built my colors around Bonnie Christine's "Sweet as Honey" fabric line from Art Gallery Fabrics.  I absolutely love her style.  It wasn't easy coming up with fabric from my stash to complement everything just right, (I have a very limited budget so I try to use what I've got) but I think it worked out.  

Hope you enjoy the pictures of the final product!

I'm pretty proud of it, I know. :)

My husband actually took a lot of pictures of me with this quilt, without me realizing that I had no makeup on!!  Oh well, I guess that's cool now right? Keep'n it real. ;)

Thought you might need to look at this random baby picture too. 

My husband is patiently waiting for me to be done.
 I like looking at quilts from far away.  This is not even my house.  Ha ha! The owner doesn't even know I took pictures on his porch.

...It's ok, it's my neighbor...and by neighbor I mean my uncle. 

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Your Aviatrix Medallion turned out great! Just pieced most of my center on Saturday. Beautiful pics!!

    1. Thanks Lisa, I really appreciate your comment!! Have fun with your Aviatrix quilt! It's definitely worth all the work. :)

  2. Wow! I have been wondering how this turned out. You amaze me. How do you do it? This turned out beautiful and of course I am kicking myself for not joining you in the quilt along. Maybe next time?

    1. Thanks Aubrey! This was a big project so I just took it one border at a time. :) Anyway, I would love to do a quilt along with you. If you find one, or come up with any ideas, let me know!