Why is my blog named ShimmerSkys?  Well I'm going to tell you...and hope that it makes sense.  

Ok, so a long time ago, I'm not that old but it feels like a long time, my husband and I were brainstorming ideas for my new email address.  I know...seems like just a simple thing, but back then it was huge.  Anyway, he has this cool name he came up with (I probably shouldn't mention it for his sake), and I pretty much bounced off of his ideas and made something that went with it.  At that time I was thinking of a starry sky, but now it means a little more:  
I've always loved rain.  I grew up in rain.  I moved to Arizona and missed it.  I've always loved art. I've always loved making things, and I grew up making things.  There's something about rain and the creative process that I like.  Rain brings new life, makes things grow, rehydrates things.  It's like how ideas bring new life to me.  I have those moments when ideas start brewing and spinning around in my head, it's like a storm gathering.  Then it pours and I'm making a plan and putting things together.  Just after the rain is when I have soaked it all up and given it life.  The result of my ideas is something visible or tangible.  So "ShimmerSkys" to me makes me think of that just after rain part, when the freshly fallen water reflects the sky.  It's the creative process we all go through since we are all human.  I don't think anyone is without it.  We all have the ability to make things, it just is different things that we make.

This blog is really just a way for me to post about things I'm working on and whatever else may come my way. Thanks for stopping by!

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