Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Vacation in the Northwest!

We recently returned from vacationing with my family in the Northwest, where I was raised, and I have so many fun pictures I thought I should share some.  Maybe it will make you want to go too! (This is my way of getting my Arizona friends and family to move up here)...maybe?! Pretty please!?  Regardless it is such a beautiful place, and I always tell everyone, ESPECIALLY in the summer!!!

We did a little canoeing, a little hiking, watched fireworks from the cove on Harstene Island (we even participated in a Fourth of July Parade on the island), s'mores, swimming, fishing, searching for sea critters on the shore, tree swinging, croquet, lots of good food, and good times with my family. 

There were daisy's everywhere growing wild and my kids kept picking them and giving them to people.  If you got one, you are really special. ;)

Had to throw that in there.  I still use my Mei Tai and she is just over a year. :)

The famous swing at Harstene Point (It's been there since I was his age...probably longer...but they have improved it since then).

On the way home we took a detour up to Sunrise on Mount Rainer.  It was a perfect day to go, soooooo BEATIFUL!!  Too bad the pictures aren't that great...they are a little blurry. 

The kids with Grandpa

My Family

Thanks for stopping by and hope you are having a wonderful summer!


  1. Eliza is loving seeing her cousins in these pics. Miss you guys.

    1. Aw, Eliza! She is so sweet, I miss her so much! The Kids miss thier cousins too. :/

  2. Hi Jessica!! How fun that you have a blog, too! Not embarrassing at all. It's lovely! I love this post, reminds me of all my family's vacations growing up. We used to go to Sunrise every year! I sure miss it. :o)

    1. Thank you Disney! I guess I really wish I could put more time and effort into but I've been so busy!! Anyway, Sunrise is beautiful but the drive to the top scares me. I'm a little paranoid of heights I think. :)