Saturday, January 11, 2014

Finished "Neighborhood" Quilt

The stars have aligned, my baby is sleeping, and I can now finally show you my Christmas quilt I made for my in-laws!


  It's from the book, "Modern Patchwork" by Elizabeth Hartman, and it's called "Neighborhood".  The pattern was easy to understand, not too technical, and so it didn't really take me too long to finish it.  

The problem I had was trying to buy a background fabric for this quilt online.  This was just really tricky trying to match colors.  There are some things about living in the big city that I really miss!  It ended up being okay with a dark grey, I think it was called "steel", but I would've liked to use a blue or something.  I wasn't brave enough to buy 5 yards of the wrong blue from an online store that takes f o r e v e r to ship.  Yes, I'm talking about YOU Joann Fabrics.  Please do better? Why am I buying from them? Oh, because they sell Kona solids at the best price if you use a coupon...but sometimes I'd like to just say "Take that, Joann's!" and buy somewhere else.  Anyway...sorry for that rant.  

On with the project at hand!  The one thing I will say about Elizabeth Hartman, not a bad thing just something to be aware of, is that she maybe over does it on the amount of fabric you need.  I mean I bought 5 yards and probably used 4, then she leaves ample room on the borders to trim off I have lots of leftover grey.  Again, not a bad thing.  She likes to be prepared I know, but just something to be aware of.  

Here are a few more pictures:

Oh yeah, I put my signature on the back.  Turned out not so good.  I actually carved it out of vinyl, rolled screen printing ink on it and stamped it.  I didn't push hard enough so I had to paint over it, and I hope next time I do better because my test really looked good.

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