Monday, November 18, 2013

A Present in the Making

I decided that since I love making quilts, I would make one for a family member each year. Last year I made one for my parents.  This is it right here:


I used "Salt Air" by Cosmo Cricket because for one, I really LOVE it, and sometimes that's hard for me to find a fabric I full heartedly love. And two, it reminded me of my visit to my parents house that summer. They live in the Pacific Northwest where I grew up.  I've spent a lot of summers searching for spider crabs, starfish, and skipping rocks in the ocean.

I used a pattern by Elizabeth Hartman on her blog.  You can find it here if you are interested.  It's called "New Wave" and is fairly easy to do.  

So this year I'm actually going to make this second quilt by her as well from her book, "Modern Patchwork". I'm going to make the one called "Neighborhood". Here is an example! Really cute huh? Well I'm not sure mine will be as cool, especially since I chose completely different fabrics.

"Modern Patchwork" by Elizabeth Hartman

So the other day I decided to order some fabric for this quilt. This is not a normal thing for me since I usually like to scavenge for nice fabric on sale, or at my favorite store in Tempe, Arizona. But I don't have that any I purchased this fun fabric bundle on Fabric Worm.  

There was just something about the hot sauce fabric that made me think of...well I guess I shouldn't say in case the person who is getting this reads my post...
Anyway, I'm trying to figure out how to arrange this, and I realize I should've bought more solid colors. I do this to myself a lot. I just don't usually buy solid fabrics even though I love them.  Here's what I have so far anyway.  These are the little squares that go in the middle of the houses:

I'm still trying to figure out this color scheme...and I really hope this doesn't end up a disaster.  I don't have much time either.  Christmas is coming soon! I've got a lot to do, better get to work.

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